What if Vitamin C could cure
cancer, tubercolosis and more ?

Pharmaceutical drugs kill tens of thousands of people by their adverse effects. On the other hand, Vitamin C has a long history in curing a huge number of sick people without killing anyone. We can call it a true panacea. We have a duty to tell the facts to the public, and this movie will serve as a missionary to tell the valuable story.
Dr. Atsuo Yanagisawa (MD, PhD), International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM) President
This is an exciting project that will help the world understand the fundamental role of Vitamin C in human health.
Brian Riordan, President of the Riordan Clinic

A documentary movie that will raise questions

Current day Tunisia. A young woman who had contracted tuberculosis escapes death thanks to massive injections of vitamin C. This treatment is derived from a protocol managed by two committed doctors, one Algerian and one French, upon the insistent request of the ailing woman’s fiancé.

Monaam Kraïem, a young Frenchman of Tunisian origin, is the author of the film. He is not a doctor but on the basis of this lived experience, he decides to share the fruits of his investigation on the subject in this documentary movie.

Tuberculosis, known as TB, is an infectious disease that affects the lungs. When Monaam, the author, came to me, I decided to use this intravenous Vitamin C protocol despite the fact that no other doctor accepted. In 5 weeks, she was relieved. I fully support this movie. This is a unique project and opportunity to show the world the fundamental role of Vitamin C in health.
Dr. Ilyès Baghli,

A true story

The film begins with a personal testimony that will gradually unfold, until we get to the final outcome: the healing of Sourour, a young 30-year old Tunisian woman.

An investigation around the world

In parallel, scientific elements come to link up with this story : interviews with doctors and eminent specialists in orthomolecular medicine around the world.

A documentary movie to raise awareness
about Vitamin C properties

Orthomolecular medicine draws its origins from a revolutionary discovery made in the thirties by American biochemist and chemical engineer Irwin Stone. This finding represents a huge shift in the understanding we have of human health: ascorbic acid, better known under the name of vitamin C, appears to be at the heart of the biochemical processes that condition life. Taken in high doses, it proves to be more powerful than antibiotics and kills most viruses.

Linus Pauling, the precursor

Double Nobel Prize Linus Pauling devoted 40 years of his life to studying and working on vitamin C. He became the precursor of “orthomolecular medicine” (see Wikipedia entry), a name he coined in 1968 to refer to a form of medicine able to cure people thanks to natural molecules that are known by the organism.

A new paradigm for medecine ?

Eminent doctors and scientists from the whole world built on the work of LINUS PAULING. To them, there is not the shred of a doubt : Vitamin C should be at the heart of public health systems. Unfortunately, health organisations don’t seem to be very interested in the preventive and curative potential of vitamin C.

A great section of the medical profession always tends to refute these studies, most of the time out of ignorance about the real properties of this molecule. It is true that pharmacy and medicine faculties do not offer any specific tuition on this subject.

So what should we think of the silence that reins around some truly spectacular results ?

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