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Word by the author,
Monaam Kraïem

« It is because my fiancée seemed to be doomed that I decided to conduct my own research on this topic, as a last resort, in a last attempt to save her. As antibiotics were proving to be ineffective, I sought an alternative treatment. I took a desperate jump into the heart of this infectious disease that I didn’t know. My experience could only be rendered through a film.  In this documentary, I wish to give the floor to those who directly (through their interventions) and indirectly (thanks to their research on the subject) played a part in saving the life of this young woman. »

Monaam Kraïem

Author & co-director since 2003. His films deal with societal issues relating to immigration but also to public health. His films are always related to a personal and lived story, which makes his messages fair and profound.

He was awarded the following prizes for the two main documentaries he has directed (with the director Denis Ramos): the Senate Award (2004) – Award winner of the Hewlett-Packard Foundation – Award winner of the Transdev Foundation – Fipatel Festival  (2011) – Al Jazeera Festival (2011).

Word by the producer,
Thomas Groc // Cinedia

CINEDIA Productions commits to bringing forward all its skills and know-how in order to produce and make this documentary in collaboration with the various interviewees, with the privilege of working under the supervision of Mr. Ilyes Baghli.

CINEDIA imagines, writes, produces and directs documentary films. This is a about cultural, social, environmental, health, economy-related topics… We position our cameras on the fringe of norms.  We are personally involved in each topic that we film. We take part in the transition of our societies by informing about their transformation. We foster thinking that will lead to fairer relationships within society.

CINEDIA tackles real societal issues.  We expose struggles against certain inequalities and fight against the stereotypical visions of our societies. We unveil meaningful alternatives that can lead to a world that has a greater sense of solidarity. We convey messages imbued with strong and positive human values at the service of the common good. Our trademark is to produce wholesome films.

CINEDIA‘s work is based on a contemporary and innovative aesthetic approach. We put our know-hows together to produce strong value added films. All our subjects are produced keeping in with state-of-the-art technical requirements regardless of who our target audience is.


Word by the director,
Denis Ramos

The subject proposed by Mr. Monaam Kraiem has captured my attention for two obvious reasons:The first reason is very personal to him. It is about a beautiful love story that takes place between two countries and which could have ended in a sad event: the death of his fiancée. The research on tuberculosis that he undertook as the author of this film, coupled with his unwavering resolve fortunately allowed her to escape death. Through the spectrum of this meaningful and exemplary life experience, the documentary film more generally raises the issue of where we stand as citizens. In other words, it is about adopting a more committed behaviour with regards to our health and that of our close ones.

The second reason has to do with the general public’s ignorance of orthomolecular medicine. Most medical professionals themselves don’t seem to be very aware of this discipline.  Recent discoveries and historical progress however shed some light on the astonishing virtues of orthomolecular medicine. In fact, to our mind, the example of the use of vitamin C to fight against the greatest diseases of the century seems very revealing of this situation.

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