International speakers

Several international specialists in orthomolecular medicine will be interviewed from their work premises. Their discourses will cross one another to draw up an overview of the global situation. Their input will supplement the remarks made by Sourour’s close ones and widen the field of the possible applications of this molecule in our daily lives. They will reveal cases of conclusive experiments but also of known healings and explain to us why their research is trapped in silence.

They will amongst other discuss the following : Poliomyelitis & pneumonia, Cot death, Nuclear radiation, Hepatitises Primary infection, multi drug and ultra resistant tuberculosis, Cancer, Ebola…

Pr. Gilbert Henri CRUSSOL, SPAIN

French professor, Ex-Intern at the Harvard Forsyth institute in Boston (USA). International Member of the Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. President of the Antoine Bechamp Institute  (Spain).

Integrative medicine
Vice President of the Global Alliance for Improved Health ( APAGS )
Member of the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM) and ARTAC (Association for Therapeutic Research Against Cancer )
Scientific Advisor of the IFPEC


Nutrition and Micronutrition therapist.
President of the French Association Kousmine.

Pr. William JACOBS, USA

Professor of immunology, biology, and genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of the Yeshiva University (New York – USA).

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