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The Natural Cure Big Medical Companies Don’t Want People to Know About

This documentary movie will shed light on the crucial role of vitamin C and reveal this effective, but forgotten, cure

Paris, France – June 3, 2015

Based on true stories of people cured from major diseases by high doses vitamin C, Cinedia Production announced release of the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to produce the documentary movie “Vitamin C – The Unsung Molecule.”.

The film highlights the crucial role this molecul has and how it can be used to cure cancer, how it treated nuclear radiation exposure after Fukushima catastrophe, and other spectacular successes all around the world.

The documentary will show tangible facts, discoveries, and experiments that will transform the global approach to modern medicine.

A forgotten cure that will transform modern medecine

In the 1930’s, American biochemist and chemical engineer, Irwin Stone, found out that ascorbic acid, better known under the name of vitamin C, appears to be at the heart of the biochemical processes that condition life. In 1968, Linus Pauling became the precursor for orthomolecular medicine, which refers to a form of medicine using natural molecules to cure people. However, his findings and research supporting this form of medicine stay hidden from the public.

About the author

Author, Monaam Kraïem would have never known about this incredible cure until his fiancée almost lost her life to Tuberculosis. He went searching for a cure and stumbled upon Tuberculosis intravenous Vitamin C protocol and saved his fiance withis protocol. Ascorbic acid, which appears to be at the heart of biochemical processes that conditions life, can be taken in high doses. It has been proven more powerful than antibiotics and destroys most viruses. Through this film, he will share his personal story crosscut with interviews with experts, scientists and doctors.

A journey around the world

The film will be shot between September 2015 to April 2016 in the US, Japan, Tunisia, Algeria, France, and other locations around the world. There will be interviews crosscut with experiences and success stories of how much vitamin C has helped cured many people.

A movie released for free

“Vitamin C – The Unsung Molecule” will be released for free on Youtube at the end of 2016. This way everyone can have access and learn about this incredible medical revolution.

To make a contribution and receive a digital download of the film, visit IndieGoGo or click here. Backers will be credited in the movie.

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With enough support, this natural cure will finally be revealed