Vitamin C : A Global Revolution

This video shows different stories around the world about high dosis Vitamin C, and you might want to get some references. So here we go !

#1 Vitamin C kills Tuberculosis

In New York City, Pr. William Jacobs explains a study lead at the Einstein Institute that shows how Vitamin C can cure tuberculosis.

References :
Mycobacterium tuberculosis is extraordinarily sensitive to killing by a vitamin C-induced Fenton reaction, NIH (National Institute of Health, USA)
Study Finds Vitamin C Can Kill Drug-Resistant TB, Einstein Institute

Video :

#2 Alan Smith, a Living Proof

Video :

An other video about an other man cured in New Zealand:
Vitamin C campaigner begins month-long walk, 3 News channel

Articles :
Vitamin C may affect lung infections, NIH
Vitamin C: The « Miracle Nutrient » that Cured Man on the Brink of Death
Vitamin C saves dying man

#3 Vitamin C to prevent radiation damage

In Japan, Vitamin C is used to prevent from nuclear radiation.

Video :

Article :
Vitamin C Prevents Radiation Damage

#4 Vitamin C to cure cancer

More videos with Thomas Levy :

Vitamin C for cancer cure :

#5 Vitamin C : a worldwide interest

Studies at the Riordan clinic for many years show great results :

Riordan Clinic : websiteyoutubefacebook


#6 Vitamin C to be reviewed

In this video, Pr. Contreras exposes that the NIH, National Institure for Health, is studying new properties

Reference :
Mark Levine, NIH

What are your thoughts about these stories ?

Please share with us your stories or videos so that we can document more Vitamin C stories.


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Brian Riordan
avril 14, 2015 7:53

This is an exciting project that will help the world understand the fundamental role of Vitamin C in human health.