Thanks for your support during the crowdfunding campaign !

Dear donators,

The Cinedia team wants to thank you for supporting the crowdfunding campaign : Vitamin C, the Unsung Molecule (

The budget will allow us to produce a short documentary that will present the author’s story, how he found out about Vitamin C and how he managed to cure his fiance from tuberculosis with high doses intravenous Vitamin C. We will also interview doctors involved and show other experiences from around the world.

We will keep you informed through this newsletter and the website : Vitamin C, The Unsung Molecule.

This documentary movie will be ready by the first semester of 2016, and will be broadcasted for free on youtube. This is the first step for us before a longer movie, that we will to produce with broadcasting networks or foundations.

Your comments and ideas are welcome, feel free to contact us for any question that might arise.

Best regards,